About HGDC

History of Hari-Gayatri Das College

Hari-Gayatri Das College (Formerly Azara College) situated at Azara, a co-educational institution of higher learning was established on 21 August, 1996. A group of dedicated people of the locality covering the area Azara, Mirzapur, Rani, Patgaon, Chakardeo etc. with relentless and untiring efforts has established this Institution to provide quality higher education. Later a prominent person & a social worker of the locality Sjt. Harichandra Das donated 3 bigha land and a two storied R.C.C. College building on 31' March, 2004. The college was renamed as "Hari-Gayatri Das College" after the name of Sjt. Harichandra Das and his wife Smt. Gayatri Das as a gesture of gratitude.

Vision & Mission

The vision of the institution is to inculcate awareness among students to become resourceful and develop to the fullest potential. It intends to equip our future generation with skills necessary for self-reliance and competent citizenship. The mission of the college is translating into reality the dreams and visions of our founding fathers through teaching, learning, research & extension and continuing evaluation process.